30 Pavilion Road Events Townhouse

30 Pavilion Road 



Our challenge

This  luxurious town house in Knightsbridge is truly the best kept secret in the events calendar. It is discreet and exclusive, praised by people in the know.

Our challenge was to open the marketing doors ajar without losing the business’s core high-profile clientele.

Our solution

Our repositioning injected a much need reinvigoration into the brand’s personality. With an overriding campaign platform “If The Walls Could Talk” we were able to celebrate the heritage while appealing to customers wishing to book day-time conferences, hotel rooms, terraces, weddings and celebrations alike.

Keating Supercars



Our challenge

With a £200k price tag, sublime bodywork and speed in tow it wasn’t hard to grab audience’s attention for the Berus super car at the WIA charity ball auction.

Our preliminary digital teasers and discreet silent auction cards worked seamlessly to ensure the lucky winners outbid the asking price.

It takes more than speed and alloys to capture the attention
of the super-rich.

Our solution

Our evocative designs made sure the Berus was the hero of the creative while our carefully crafted persuasive copy pulled on the heart strings of high net worth individuals seeking an adrenalin rush. For those who want for nothing,
an auction bid that makes you feel good is always a winner.

Kayanjet Luxury Private Terminal



Our challenge

Private aviation users have a huge choice of potential airports and it doesn’t get any less competitive in the Caribbean. Our strategy in the naming, branding and positioning for Kayan Jet in St. Kitts was to create an identity that has synergy with its parent brand Kayan Aviation as well as a significantly differentiated leisure led image that can stand out in the crowded market place.

We designed a website that provides a heightened brand and user experience. It was important to ensure the high net worth clientele would feel the exclusivity of the service through the fine graphic detailing as well as the charm of St Kitts while they browse the site. The dynamic movement and scrolling movement adds an element of energy and excitement reflective of the private jet terminal user lifestyle profiles.

The power, the privilege, and the possibilities expressed in a beautifully crafted flying experience.

Our solution

Our elegant execution from signing, website design to vehicle livery evokes the exceptional experience and intuitive concierge service. The no compromise effortless travel standards are matched by the detailing and fine crafting of the sophisticated luxury accessories and branded collateral.




Our challenge

Drake & Morgan’s newest addition, The Anthologist in St. Peter’s Square just pulled into Manchester Station! We were tasked with generating as much new opening buzz as possible.

To ensure our campaign captured the right people, in the right place, at the right time we took over a Manchester tram with our bold and vibrant summer campaign.

Commuting just
got zesty!
Giving an influential
and active audience
something to sip,
savour and share.

Our solution

Our witty campaign burst onto Manchester’s drinks and dining scene this summer. As part of our expansion comms strategy the hugely successful campaign reflected their personality and off the cuff humour encouraging more walk ins than ever anticipated making it the busiest new opening to date.

Plymouth Gin Botanical Lab



Our challenge

In anticipation for London Cocktail Week, Plymouth Gin launched The Botanical Lab, a fun and interactive gin journey through the production and flavour of one of the world’s oldest and most established gins.

The pop-up was so successful they brought it back for an encore over the Christmas period. We had the pleasure of crafting a unique signifier and suite of branded touchpoints for the experience that communicated Plymouth Gin’s brand personality and heritage.

“Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.” – Lewis Carroll

Our approach

For an experiential pop-up, we wanted to create a sense of discovery, where science and botanicals meet which we articulated in a beautiful illustrative tasting map that then became the focal point of the sensory journey. Drawing on the botanicals each guest had a place station set with key touchpoints to include a branded tasting mat and booklet all designed with the signature hand-crafted Plymouth Gin illustration style.

Our solution

Using our unique blend of illustration and curiosity, we curated a suite of branded touchpoints that would reflect the scientific adventure the guests would have. The distinctive mark of The Botanical Lab is inspired by the distillation process and the 7 botanicals that make up the perfect bottle of Plymouth Gin, whilst the iconic serve of the ‘Glug Jug’ is used in the labels for the individual bottles created by the guests. This creative was rolled out across menu designs, roll up banners and various print and digital collateral, bringing a unique touch to an extraordinary journey through the world of Plymouth Gin.

Drake & Morgan Alchemy



Our challenge

The world moves on. Each new seasonal refresh has to be better than the one that went before – and communicate an improved offer to a savvier audience.

For Drake & Morgan’s half-yearly menu refresh, we had to raise the profile of an underperforming drinks offer while maintaining brand unity. And we had to broadcast the message across all print and digital platforms.

We drew guests into the world of Alchemy; we led them on a journey of flavour discovery.

Our approach

Since many of Drake & Morgan’s neighbours are cocktail bars, we needed an identity that would stand out in a crowded market. We devised a name and a distinctive theme for the drinks range, then wrapped the entire offer – food and drink – within a unifying design style based on swirls of inky marbling. The approach was versatile enough to work on a printed menu, and with a mobile swipe.

Our solution

Our look was whimsical and inviting. There were touches of humour, moments of magic, and at-a-glance clarity throughout. The Alchemy theme for the drinks range presented numerous opportunities for intrigue and adventure. Our flavour wheel stood at the heart of the customer’s journey of discovery. Who could resist running their fingers round this intriguing device to see where it led? It was a unique tool for upselling a product range with the most generous margins.

Drake & Morgan Christmas



Our challenge

In the hospitality trade everything rides on the success of the Christmas season. It’s an annual challenge to be distinctive, imaginative, and utterly in tune with your customers.

For some, the temptation is to pull out old work and re-imagine it. But not us. We have to rethink the season afresh for every client. How else can you keep the magic of Christmas fresh for customers?

In the seasonal sea of me-too Christmas themes, our restrained Scandi style exudes self-confidence.

Our approach

For Drake & Morgan we put aside our reference works and our yuletide preconceptions. We took our cue from what was already unique to the brand: the chic and minimalist decor. The detailing on the light fittings and other design features inspired a geometric approach – a cool, Scandinavian look that was at once wintry and supremely stylish.

Our solution

The Drake & Morgan Christmas is elegant and restrained. It mixes burnished copper with a muted pallet of peach, taupe, and ice blue to create a series of rich geometric patterns. Each menu has its own colour and pattern picked out in shimmering gold. Collectively they exude richness and self-confidence. A scattering of conifer sprigs completes a look – the most stylish of Nordic Christmases – that Drake & Morgan could easily translate into physical decorations.

Royal Salute



Our challenge

To be counted as a collector’s item, a whisky has to be so rare and so desirable, no aficionado could be without it. That’s how it was with the Royal Salute 30 Years Old. For this once-in-a-lifetime whisky, Royal Salute’s Master Blender chose some of the finest whiskies in their collection, including malts from distilleries that had ceased to operate.

The precious blend came in a bespoke blue porcelain bottle with matching flask and pouring funnel. Our task was to create supporting print & digital launch materials to equal this historic event at Harrods.

Design can be immersive. When every element speaks of rarity and exclusivity, the design itself becomes part of the experience.

Our approach

Exclusivity isn’t something to shout about. A whispered message is so much stronger – and unmissable when it feeds through into every aspect of design. So we gave the Royal Salute 30 Years Old, the volley of understated creativity it deserved. We looked for materials that spoke of luxury and rarity, and gave our designs so much white space they were generous to the point of self-indulgence. We created the opulence that told customers they were participating in a rare and special event.

Our solution

Our presentation book was a document to treasure. Every element, from luxurious paper to gold foiling, reinforced the uniqueness of this limited edition whisky. Our typography let the text breathe and the story unfolded with carefully curated copywriting.

For each numbered certificate, we chose a material with substance – a card weighty enough to do justice to the stamp and signature of authenticity. We then wrapped it in an envelope of deep Royal Salute blue, lined with gold. The message was clear: each of the blend’s 210 UK owners were in no doubt that they had bought a piece of whisky history.

Mahler & Kin



Our challenge

A new brand has to make its mark. There are no second chances. The launch brochure has to say everything that competitors don’t. And the product has to look gorgeous.

So step up to the podium, mahler & kin, the Anglo-Scandinavian bathroom accessories brand that scores on every front. mahler & kin combines British craftsmanship with an uncompromising Scandinavian aesthetic.

The brand ethos is that time in the bathroom should be simple, serene, and stylish. And that men and women should be free to enjoy form and functionality in a non-discriminatory way.

Our task was to communicate the luxury and the simplicity, and to showcase the vast gap between mahler & kin and its mass-market competitors.

In the world of mahler & kin, objects are at once practical and precious. To express those twin desires – the pleasure of use and the thrill of ownership – demands subtlety.

Our approach

If Mahler & Kin were to make an impression, the launch brochure would have to be a showcase for its design and lifestyle ethos. So we set out to create a brochure in which every page exudes peaceful serenity, with no hint of masculinity or femininity. We felt that the everyday world should slip away as readers imagine themselves stepping into that timeless Anglo-Scandinavian bathroom.

Our solution

We took our cue from the raw white marble of a luxury bathroom and gave it space to breathe. We pared back the typography and design, and laid them on that marble backdrop. The effect was calming and transformative: each page was a fresh insight into the world of mahler & kin.

Simplicity is rarely simple. But when you see it, it looks effortless.

Bull Ferguson



Our challenge

Who doesn’t want a brighter future? The idea that tomorrow can be better than today should fire people with enthusiasm. But it doesn’t. Financial-services messaging falls flat because the sector markets itself on grey dependability. Which is fine by us because it gives our client, Bull Ferguson, so much scope to be different.

In a tightly regulated industry, honesty and trustworthiness are a given. What counts are the skill and humanity of the adviser and the outcome for the client. And it was obvious that, for Bull Ferguson, their ability to help clients’ turn dreams into reality was what excited them. Our challenge was to develop an identity and tone of voice to communicate their clear-sighted focus on the future.

We understand that your finances are not just numbers on a page, they’re dreams in the making.

Our approach

The relationship between a financial adviser and its clients is more than personal, it’s intimate. Clients share their secrets and their dreams. So we spent time with the Bull Ferguson team to understand their approach. The insights we gathered were the building blocks on which we developed a brand identity, supporting imagery, and copy style for print and digital use.

Our solution

Our custom wordmark is punchy, optimistic, and packed with personality. The tiny pop of colour bristles with humour and self-confidence. Here’s an identity that conjures up an entire brand language. It invites stylishly playful copy and support materials to drive home the message of brand that’s both forceful and light-hearted. For Bull Ferguson and its clients, the future starts here.