How immersive and multi-layered is your hospitality experience? If you’re still stuck in the rut of flavour and service, the release of tickets for Secret Cinema’s latest multi-sensory 007 experience should be a wake-up call.

Events like this remind us how hard the competition is working to win a new generation of sensory-seeking drinkers and diners. This is the audience who want their big night out to be surprising, spontaneous and multi-faceted. The hospitality brands that understand them are looking way beyond the twice-yearly menu cycle. They offer a continuously evolving range of ‘sensory bites’ that keep this innovation-hungry audience coming back for its next taste sensation. So how do you reinvent your own staid night out? How do you inject flair, excitement and theatricality without breaching those oh-so-sensitive price points? The answer – if Secret Cinema’s success and pricey tickets are anything to go by – is that quality and inventiveness will still drive footfall.

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